Friday, June 17, 2011

We have had a buuuusy June with lots of fun! Here are some pics from some of the latest events!
Fun and yum with Auntie Nik
The only way we could get a life jacket on Jaden was to entice him with these great water cannons. He loooooves shooting them at anyone. Beware!
A little love from Jacob!
Pee pee on the potty, woo, pee pee on the potty, woo! And in a life jacket, no less!
Mackenna had so much fun with Ann and Rick that she fell asleep while swinging!
Lots of hugs from Ann!
Lookin' pretty cool in Daddy's hat and shades and M's new wool soaker from Grammie!
I admit this looks a little weird, but here's Jaden's face.
Jacob gave Mackenna a flower (picked from my flower pots)
Jaden and Mackenna sliding at the park in Hutch.
Mackenna playing with (eating) wood chips at the park
Birth Grandpa Dane and Mackenna, taking a little break from swinging
Our family pic, first one taken in way tooooooo long!
Satin (Mackenna's birthmom), Birth Grandma Lisa, and the kids at Birth great great grandma's nursing home
Birthgrandparents and aunties
Plum tuckered out
Mackenna is strong! She pushed great great grandma about 3 feet all by herself!!
Satin and Jaden chillin'
Hope to get some more uploaded soon! At the moment we are busy with play dates, potty learning, family celebrations, reli's visits, and learning loads at some summer educational opportunities.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless (NOT) Wednesday

Ok, I know the whole point of 'wordless Wednesday' is to post a pic that doesn't need any explaining but for those who know me, I am never devoid of words!
A GREATLY anticipated event occurred yesterday, the arrival of my aunt and uncle, Ann and Rick. Each day for the last week or so when Jaden would wake up he would ask if this was the day they were coming. So, here is a picture Jaden with Rick, enjoying a nice dose of sunshine and a good book.