Friday, April 30, 2010

Here are some of the latest pictures. Grammie and Grandpa are here now so I can't post much. Hope to later...

Jaden and Mackenna chilling in Mommy and Daddy's bed This is what happens when I'm busy feeding Mackenna and Daddy is busy getting ready... Jaden tasted each and every muffin that we made. He likes to call it quality control.
Chad came out for a visit to meet Mackenna and chill with the Petersons.
Enjoying some time with Pastor Mari, sharing lots of smiles.
Megan and Madison come to church on Wednesdays after school. Megan got to have her first babysitting gig while I ran a short errand. While I was gone she had a long conversation with Megan full of lots of smiles and echoing whatever Megan would say.
Here's video of Megan and Mackenna

Friday, April 23, 2010

2 Months Old!

Today is April 23rd! Happy 2 months, Mackenna! I can't believe she's already 2 months old! I was just looking at her today while I was feeding her and she is getting so big. Her face is changing and she is starting to get those great rolls!
This has been a crazy week at our house! We survived the chicken pox for the most part. I think he still itches during the night because he wakes up with blood around his mouth, cheeks, and chin. We have had a couple of really bad nights with Jaden with him waking up around midnight screaming. Last night he screamed at the top of his lungs for an hour. There was nothing we could do to settle him down. We are hoping it's temporary and the result of trying to heal from the pox. We are hoping it's not a behavior issue. It's so tiring having a newborn let alone a screaming 2 1/2 year old to be awake for, too.

I went back to work this week. Tuesday I had to work from home but Wednesday and Thursday I was able to go. Mackenna came with me and was awesome. She took two naps each day, about a 1/2 hour or 45 min nap in the am and a good 2 or 3 hour nap in the afternoon which gave me ample time to get a lot accomplished. She now has a pack and play on loan in my office with a bassinet which is awesome. Thanks, Jill!! People love having her around, too, so I don't feel so bad bringing her. She actually has slept a lot better there than here. The obvious difference is the lack of a loud 2 1/2 year old who doesn't understand the concept of trying to be quiet or staying out of her room when she is asleep. Plus, I can get it alot darker in my office than I can at home.

Mackenna got to go to her first official meeting with one of my colleagues, Gina! It was fun even though I never got my iced tea that I had been craving.

Mackenna's one great nap last Saturday. She was really fighting her cold!Jaden and Mackenna's new ride, the Kiddy Caddy. Thanks a bunch to those of you who gave us Target gift cards. This was one of our purchases! It converts into a sit and stand when Jaden gets a bit older and is too big for the back seat.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Funny Farm

'The Funny Farm' is the only way I can describe the last few days at our house. If one kid isn't screaming the other one is and there have been many moments when both have. If I get through writing this post before somebody blows it will be a miracle... and with that, I'm off to get Mackenna...she coughed herself awake...poor baby. She's got an awful cough. She sounds like an old man. She hasn't had any other symptoms, no fever or anything, just a cough and is really restless. She took a great nap yesterday but today has been pretty sleep-less except for while I was folding laundry because she was in the sling.

We are trying to keep her away from patient #2, Jaden, who has a good case of the chicken pox. That is easier said than done, however. Not only is Jaden sick but still jealous so he hangs on me when I'm doing anything with her. He doesn't understand why he should stay away, why he shouldn't scratch, and basically why he is in pain, either. Poor pumpkin, sometimes he just jumps up and down and screams because he can't take it. Last night he was up until 3:30am as we 'camped out' on his floor watching movies. To help ease the blow, his big Elmo is also sporting some super great sock mittens just like his. He has been a trooper gulping down all the vitamins and Benadryl. Now if it would just do what everybody says it will, make him zonk out. At least he's getting them over now and not when he's older...and they are officially in his mouth. He just spewed his first bite of shells and white cheddar. Crud.

So Oprah always says we should look at the positive and find 5 things that we are thankful for even while living on the funny farm.

  • The brunt of this (I hope) is happening on the weekend when Brett is around to pitch in.
  • I have all 6 of the episodes of Super Why that are available for instant viewing on Netflix, memorized
  • Netflix
  • 3 B's Binkies, Benadryl, and Blankies
  • Jaden and I had a great time today while Mackenna took a brief nap to play soccer together. He squealed when he kicked it and I caught it.
I had some time to put together a smilebox today with some highlights from the last two months of Mackenna's life.

Mackenna's Smilebox

Until our sanity returns...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Updates on Jaden's website

For those who are interested, I updated Jaden's site tonight with some pictures and the latest news!

Poor little M has a bad cough right now. She sounds like an old man poor pumpkin. We're busy lovin' her up so she gets better soon. Jaden is under the weather, too, so I think we'll be sticking around home this weekend.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where's my baby?

Tonight I picked up Jaden from daycare in the stroller and we walked over to Grandma Pat's for supper. She graciously took care of little M while I ran some errands and took a much needed nap. When we got there jaden ran up the stairs and asked Grandma Pat "Where's my baby?" There she was on the couch sleeping!
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

7 weeks!

Mackenna is 7 weeks old today! I caught this smile after a GREAT 2 hour morning nap. PRAISE GOD!! After yesterday's battle (20 minutes of sleep in about 14 hours) her nap was complete heaven. She's now down for her second so I hope she's able to keep it up. Thank you Baby Whisperer!!! Anywho, here's the latest... Yesterday Jaden decided to play his latest concerto for Mackenna as she fussed in her swing. Sweet boy! Didn't work, though. Drat.
We surprised Grandma Pat for her bday with a room full of friends and family on Saturday night. She was surprised and the party was fun. Here's Laura who I found out was a baby magnet!!

Friday night we celebrated the FAR coming back clear with a toast before our meal at Grandma Pat's. It was darn good.


Uncle Greg got to chill with Mackenna for a while on the deck. He approved so I guess she stays.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Strawberry Girl!

This little strawberry is ours!
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She is ours!

Today our social worker told us that the birthfather registry check came back clear! YEA! Now it's on to all the finalization process ands all that paperwork!!! Woo Hoo!
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

6 weeks old!

Mackenna is 6 weeks old! I can't believe it! She has quite a week. After quite a few days in a row of refusing to sleep during the day she finally gave today and get this... took a 6 hour afternoon nap! She's asleep again 2 hours later. Hopefully she doesn't trade in her daytime sleep hours for some nightlife tonight!
Today, Mackenna had a very important social engagement. She and I were invited to coffee time during our church quilter's work day. It was very special. The quilters presented Mackenna with a quilt. Here are some pictures from our visit.
All the quilters pose for a quick pic with us!

Oldest and the youngest. Irene just turned 90 on April 1st and Mackenna is just six weeks.

Mackenna and I with her quilt
Mackenna got her Fuzzi Bunz in the mail this week and boy does she look great in them! These are the smalls. The mediums actually fit Jaden, so he's sporting some daisies, too. In fact when he woke up yesterday morning that was the first thing out of his mouth. "Flower diapers? Flower diapers?" He couldn't wait to put them on!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What a week!

It's been a great week! Mackenna is doing very well. We switched her formula to the sensitive stuff and she has really only cried when she is hungry or super tired. She is more content now even to sit in her boppee. Thank goodness!

On Thursday I finally put together the double stroller we got. I forgot to take pictures of Jaden and Mackenna in it so I'll do that soon and post them. I also got my box of Fuzzi Bunz in the mail YEAH!!! They are so stinkin' cute. I will also post some pics of those when I get a chance. I've got the inserts all washed up and ready to go. Mackenna has about 15 diapers in her stash that she could wear right now so I think we are almost ready to switch over 100% (with the exception of overnight traveling) Speaking of cloth, those of you who CD out there, there's a free giveaway this week on for a FREE cutie poops! I posted a pic a while back of Mackenna in her first cutie poops. More are on their way thanks to Great Auntie Annie!!!

Both Thursday and Friday were hard days, gotta face it. NO sleep and cranky baby and toddler makes for one UNHAPPY momma. Two highlights of Thursday, however were the 4 ducklings coming home and finding out that Jaden and Mackenna are going to have TWO cousins in August, a boy AND a girl. Holy CATS! Bring it on, I say.

On Saturday we headed to Grammie and Grandpa's for Easter. We got to spend some time outside and also just some time relaxing which was great! While Brett toughed it out a night with Mackenna I learned that Jaden and I in a bed do NOT mix. He kicks, hits, pats, head butts, hogs the bed, and that's just while he's sleeping. The two hours between 1 and 3 in the morning he spent trying to convince me that I should get up and make him some supper.

Mackenna had a great day with many admirers at church. She had to take a bit of a break with Grammie half way through. Jaden wished he could have as the LOUD brass, choir, and timpani scared the pants off of him. At the end of the Alleluia chorus in a loud whiny voiced, he proclaimed. "NO Alleluia!"

Here are some pics from the last few days. Enjoy.

Mackenna with Daddy at Grammie and Grandpa's
at Church with Grammie and Grandpa

Our strawberry girl with Grammie

Jaden gives Mackenna some love.

Mackenna's Easter outfit.