Friday, April 30, 2010

Here are some of the latest pictures. Grammie and Grandpa are here now so I can't post much. Hope to later...

Jaden and Mackenna chilling in Mommy and Daddy's bed This is what happens when I'm busy feeding Mackenna and Daddy is busy getting ready... Jaden tasted each and every muffin that we made. He likes to call it quality control.
Chad came out for a visit to meet Mackenna and chill with the Petersons.
Enjoying some time with Pastor Mari, sharing lots of smiles.
Megan and Madison come to church on Wednesdays after school. Megan got to have her first babysitting gig while I ran a short errand. While I was gone she had a long conversation with Megan full of lots of smiles and echoing whatever Megan would say.
Here's video of Megan and Mackenna

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