Friday, July 15, 2011

It's been waaaaaay too long!

Yogurt anyone?
Trying on Daddy's shorts
I am a water baby! Watch out, I'm coming in whether you are ready or not!
Finger painting with pudding. Who would say no to that??
Gonzo after too much swimming with Uncle Jay Jay
Diaper streamer from diaper party with the Minnesota Cloth Diapering Moms and Dads group. She wore it around after I took it down off the poles outside!

Awwe, cutie!
Mackenna and Uncle Benny (our friend, Chad)
New Mud Butt, jeans with pockets! The pic below is purely for advertising. She doesn't (and never really did, take a binky, but the Calms Forte she loves!)

Ready to fish!
I don't know why I can't just get off my bum and update the blog but I guess it's because I've been so busy covering everybody else's kids' bums! I have so many great pictures to share with you so we will see how nice blogger is to me today. Let's hope for a quick upload... I keep losing my internet connection, so will post these while I can!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I have a TON of pictures from the last month or so. I will try to ad some each day for a couple of days. Mackenna is usually pretty daring in the food department as well as everything else. I think she was eating strawberries here. Everytime she took a bite she would make this funny little face like she was taking a big bite of lemon.
Both Jaden and Mackenna like to don Mommy's medals and walk around the house. It's great for me. I always know where they are becasue the clang together as they walk and play like a cow bell!
Jaden and Mackenna are both very affectionate.
Here's that funny face pic!
Dawn's visit was awesome. More pics from that coming soon, but here she is sharing her love for children's lit with Jaden and Jacob.
'I wuv you Jawn' (I guess 'Dawn' is hard to say for a 3 yr old)
Big bite of oatmeal, one of Jaden's new foods. He also added turkey lunch meat to the list the other day and actually asked for it today. Huge step.
Mackenna sporting Mama's running shoes.
I can feed myself! Sort of...
The many faces of Jaden Tate. He is quite the drama king. Don't worry, I didn't capture anything horrible here, just another temper tantrum, most likely having to do with some completely bizarre food (like a grape) that we were trying to get him to eat.
More later...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Bye Diapers, (sniff, sniff) Hello underoos!

The day is FINALLY here! After nearly 6 months of potty learning Jaden spent his first night in underpants last night and woke up DRY!!! He is soooo proud! And so are we!
I have a bajillion pics from the last couple of weeks that I have been trying to upload unsuccessfully. I hope to get some time this weekend in between diaper orders to upload a ton! Stay tuned!