Monday, August 29, 2011

Back already!

Grammie and Grandpa were here yesterday and today so I thought we would do a little photo shoot on the Nest Lake bridge. Here ya' go. Got some good ones!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Wrap-up

Ok, so it seems I am not the best blogger. I can't even really call myself one when I post so rarely. oh well. I thought I would give you a summer wrap up. These are just some highlights. I am missing alot but I would have to get up and get my other memory card and that's just too much work for a Sunday night. Ha!
So we can say that we are successfully potty trained! We are still working on going on the 'oh so scary' Target potty but for now a 'potty on the go' potty has made a new home in our minivan.
Summer is awesome when your BFF lives next door!
Jaden and Mackenna loved the Growmobile this summer! We got lots of great books out of the deal and a whole lotta fun, not to mention some mommy time with the other mommies when not chasing Mackenna. Who am I kidding, though, it was a lot of the latter. Next year...
Dawn came with us to the Growmobile when she visited!
Just HAD to get a picture of the giraffes at the zoo in Mackenna's giraffe diaper!
Jaden's 3rd ride. He loved it!
A lot of flag-waving this summer at various parades, yes, we still have parade candy!

Fun with corn

Nothing perks Jaden up more than mentioning the word 'Park'!
Cutie pie!
Anybody looking for child models?? A great visit with Brett's cousin, Seth and his family!
Great Grandma Nana
Mackenna's first jet ski ride. She LOOOOOved it. I give our sensitive Jaden man about 10 years before he attempts!
Hope to write more later with some more pictures!