Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Program 2012

Mackenna's and Jaden's Christmas Program  Two Videos!

Mackenna is in the front row with the stellar red boots! Thanks, Ann and Rick!  We think her interest in the mic stand clearly sets her on her path to becoming the next sound tech for an award winning movie!
Unfortunately our video camera was not working well so my friend was nice and gave me the video she shot on her phone of the 2 and 3yr olds.  (Her daughter is the one in the middle top row stealing the show with her magnificent set of lungs:)  We don't have video from Jaden's.  Boo.  He did excellent, though!  He knew EVERY word and did a great job!

And in the second video...Mackenna shows her lack of zeal/physical endurance that a 5 minute performance requires.  She is sitting down on the job the majority of the time but what the video does not capture is the fact that she IS indeed singing.  She can sing all three songs at record decibel level and enunciation at home.