Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Stopped by to see Andrea!

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Mister Butterfly and Miss Giraffe

Well, call me a bad mom but this is the only decent pic i got of the two of them! We stopped by a couple of places before going over to First Baptist's for their Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree. It was a fun night!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012


People always say 'oh, i never thought that would come out of my mouth' when it comes to parenting. Usually it has to do with the fact that we have just said something that our mothers said all the time to us growing up or something involving bodily functions. Sometimes it is just something that , pre-kids, if we would have heard a parent uttering, we would be aghast and might even spend a couple of moments wondering what child protective services would do in such a case. My recent 'i never thought I would say THAT' was more the latter.

Setting the scene...
Jaden and Mackenna are playing with homemade 'preschool homework' playdough in the kitchen. The classical music is on the radio, subliminal messages being...'you are a calm, serene little will create a beautiful masterpiece out of orange play dough (did I mention that i added eucalyptus oil to it so that they could mutli-task? Sinus draining and creative play)... creating a positive self image ... ah well, you get the picture. Anyway, they both like to use fun things with play dough, cookie cutters, rolling pins, stuff that makes cool impressions in it.

It was half way through our stress therapy session when i uttered those words that i thought i never would...ready for it?


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Monday, October 8, 2012

Jaden Turns 5!

Jaden's airplane-themed birthday was really fun!  Jaden was the pilot, Mackenna the co-pilot, and Daddy was the friendly TSA officer that forced all party-goers through the security check point.  Some got detained for a while but eventually the party was cleared for take-off!  All guests got their complimentary in-flight snack bag of pretzels and the kids got model glider airplanes to put together, throw across the room and destroy as fast as they could be put together. 

Jaden's 5th birthday party at school

Jaden got to celebrate with his preschool friends today! His teacher gave him this crown and these stellar shades!

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