Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Funny Farm

'The Funny Farm' is the only way I can describe the last few days at our house. If one kid isn't screaming the other one is and there have been many moments when both have. If I get through writing this post before somebody blows it will be a miracle... and with that, I'm off to get Mackenna...she coughed herself awake...poor baby. She's got an awful cough. She sounds like an old man. She hasn't had any other symptoms, no fever or anything, just a cough and is really restless. She took a great nap yesterday but today has been pretty sleep-less except for while I was folding laundry because she was in the sling.

We are trying to keep her away from patient #2, Jaden, who has a good case of the chicken pox. That is easier said than done, however. Not only is Jaden sick but still jealous so he hangs on me when I'm doing anything with her. He doesn't understand why he should stay away, why he shouldn't scratch, and basically why he is in pain, either. Poor pumpkin, sometimes he just jumps up and down and screams because he can't take it. Last night he was up until 3:30am as we 'camped out' on his floor watching movies. To help ease the blow, his big Elmo is also sporting some super great sock mittens just like his. He has been a trooper gulping down all the vitamins and Benadryl. Now if it would just do what everybody says it will, make him zonk out. At least he's getting them over now and not when he's older...and they are officially in his mouth. He just spewed his first bite of shells and white cheddar. Crud.

So Oprah always says we should look at the positive and find 5 things that we are thankful for even while living on the funny farm.

  • The brunt of this (I hope) is happening on the weekend when Brett is around to pitch in.
  • I have all 6 of the episodes of Super Why that are available for instant viewing on Netflix, memorized
  • Netflix
  • 3 B's Binkies, Benadryl, and Blankies
  • Jaden and I had a great time today while Mackenna took a brief nap to play soccer together. He squealed when he kicked it and I caught it.
I had some time to put together a smilebox today with some highlights from the last two months of Mackenna's life.

Mackenna's Smilebox

Until our sanity returns...

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