Thursday, April 8, 2010

6 weeks old!

Mackenna is 6 weeks old! I can't believe it! She has quite a week. After quite a few days in a row of refusing to sleep during the day she finally gave today and get this... took a 6 hour afternoon nap! She's asleep again 2 hours later. Hopefully she doesn't trade in her daytime sleep hours for some nightlife tonight!
Today, Mackenna had a very important social engagement. She and I were invited to coffee time during our church quilter's work day. It was very special. The quilters presented Mackenna with a quilt. Here are some pictures from our visit.
All the quilters pose for a quick pic with us!

Oldest and the youngest. Irene just turned 90 on April 1st and Mackenna is just six weeks.

Mackenna and I with her quilt
Mackenna got her Fuzzi Bunz in the mail this week and boy does she look great in them! These are the smalls. The mediums actually fit Jaden, so he's sporting some daisies, too. In fact when he woke up yesterday morning that was the first thing out of his mouth. "Flower diapers? Flower diapers?" He couldn't wait to put them on!

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