Tuesday, April 13, 2010

7 weeks!

Mackenna is 7 weeks old today! I caught this smile after a GREAT 2 hour morning nap. PRAISE GOD!! After yesterday's battle (20 minutes of sleep in about 14 hours) her nap was complete heaven. She's now down for her second so I hope she's able to keep it up. Thank you Baby Whisperer!!! Anywho, here's the latest... Yesterday Jaden decided to play his latest concerto for Mackenna as she fussed in her swing. Sweet boy! Didn't work, though. Drat.
We surprised Grandma Pat for her bday with a room full of friends and family on Saturday night. She was surprised and the party was fun. Here's Laura who I found out was a baby magnet!!

Friday night we celebrated the FAR coming back clear with a toast before our meal at Grandma Pat's. It was darn good.


Uncle Greg got to chill with Mackenna for a while on the deck. He approved so I guess she stays.

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