Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's official...

Now that it has been officially announced to the kids, our leadership, and today in worship, I can finally say that I have resigned as Director of Youth Ministry at Bethel to pursue my new call, which is full time parenting.

It was a decision made with great sorrow and great joy. I will deeply miss those who have become my family over the last 14 1/2 years and yet look forward to being able to focus my care giving on my own children.

Each time they announced my decision at the services I was brought to tears by the overwhelming response by my second family.

Today was Music Sunday. All of our choirs and musical groups helped lead worship. One of my very favorite songs had a very special added meaning for me today. I will leave you with the lyrics.

My song will be for you forever. You, the music in my heart.
For your love is all around me and your goodness always here.
You have clothed me in your promise.
You, my love, my light, my friend.
You, the way and path before me. You will lead and guide me home.
My song will be for you forever, you the music of my heart.
You will hold me in my longing, all my hope in your embrace.
My song will be for you forever. You,the music in my heart.
With your voice you sing within me. You, the one who knows me well.
You, my joy, my life, and blessing. When you call you know my name.
My song will be for you forever. You, the music of my heart.
I will pledge my love forever. I will call your name out loud.
I will reach my hand out to you, and I know you'll reach for me.
My song will be for you forever. You, the music of my heart.
-My Song Will Be For You Forever by David Haas

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