Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some pictures... FINALLY!

Little M has changed so much in the last few weeks so I'll post some pics to prove it!

Mackenna with Nana. It's hard to get her out of Nana's lap once she's there! She's still got the touch!Jaden loves to read to Mackenna, especially her favorite black and white book. She could stare at those pages for hours! Time to get out the Wee See!

On Monday we went to the park TWICE! After such a rainy week we certainly were ready to get out. Mackenna slept most of the time and Jaden learned how to go down the 'not so scary' red slide!
I could kiss whoever invented the Woombie. Mackenna has slept for up to 8 hours a couple of nights the last week after we started using it at night. Now if we could just go to bed when she does life would be peachy.
Our little babushka, don't know the spelling on that. Disa made this awesome hat that matches Addilyn's. Next winter they will be sporting them in their snow suits! It's a bit on the big side now but will be awesome when it starts to get cold again.

Here's a video of Mackenna and Daddy as she has some tummy time.

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