Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy 6 Months!

I can't believe Mackenna is already six months old! She is getting to be such a character! We started feeding her rice cereal on Saturday. The first time it was a bit too thick and she promptly threw it all up. Yesterday she kept it down but wasn't too interested in it, made funny faces. Today she was crazy! She would lean in to get more with her mouth wide open. It was too funny! She was sitting in the bumbo because the high chair is still a bit big for her, she falls over in it. She would lean forward to get at the spoon almost like she was diving for it. I think for a while this is going to be a two person deal. One person to hold her still and her hands down and one to feed her.

She is developing a little personality! She loves to blow raspberries on people's arms as they carry her or hold her. She likes to sort of spit, not very lady-like, but it's all apart of getting her mouth and tongue ready to start talking! She weighs 19 lbs. She will soon be out of her infant seat. THANK GOD!! She is so heavy to carry in it! We will have to start looking for a convertible car seat soon. Like now, actually. By the time we get it she will be over the limit for ours, I believe.

Mommy is having fun these days with Jaden and Mackenna and also making and having a little marketing fun with Mud Butt Cloth Diapers. I created a fan page on Facebook and it is just so darn fun! It's like a little community!! We have fun contests and people can post pics of their kids in their dipes, have discussions, etc. Really really fun! We have a contest going right now called, "Create your own Mud Butt" where people choose from a list of 'ingredients' (all my dipes are named after foods and beverages) and then they name it. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place all get prizes. There are a ton of entries and they are really really creative! As soon as the contest is done folks will be able to order their signature Mud Butt! If you want in on the fun you can 'like' our fan page at I don't believe you have to have FB to see the page but to comment or "like" it you have to have FB.

As the 'lazy' days of summer (can't really call them that this summer as we have been sooo busy) are about to turn into the even busier days of fall. Mackenna will be starting a number of activities (Jaden, too) MOPS on Tuesdays, ECFE on Wed or Friday (I think) and Sunday School. Plus we'll probably continue our play dates with friends.

I will post some more pics in the next few days!!

Oh, and there is some big news... if you have checked out my friend, Heather's blog (Have Love Will Travel check it out on the link to the right) you will see that they finally got their referral!! YEA!!! Can't wait to welcome the new little guy!

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