Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some new pics

I have been aweful about updating. Arggh. We've got so many great pictures to share, so here goes...

I learned one new thing about Jaden yesterday. He apparently loves photo shoots. I had just finished taking Mackenna's pic for her birthday invites and he wanted in on the action, too. He seriously puts the Zoolander guys to shame. He certainly has his trademarked look. He would NOT put his toungue back in his mouth the whole time. I have 100 pictures of him sticking out his tongue. Here are just a few.
Our boy has the most INCREDIBLE blue eyes. If you have ever seen them up close they have this crazy pattern that looks like flower petals around his pupil.

The tongue
Cropped the tongue out!

About to do his signature head bobble.

Our youngest blue-eyed wonder, Miss Mackenna

Mackenna's new 'do thanks to Daddy! She loooooves taking showers with Daddy!

Uh-oh.... I'm caught. Note to self, when Jaden yells from the kitchen, "I sharing with Mackenna" drop everything and RUN. Ok, Mama has the camera, so it must mean she thinks it's funny and I'm not in too much trouble.

So serious! Auntie Krista came out for Grandpa's retirement shindigs. She got to come out to Willmar to visit.

Jaden loved to wrestle and tickle Auntie Krista.

Jaden shares a kiss with Grandma Pat.

I don't have many pictures of myself, so here ya' go.

Grammie and Mackenna

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  1. BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES on both your babies! Ah! I would love to see a close-up of Jaden's eyes! SJ's are also blue, but they're really dark.

    I'm glad she's got it figured out that the camera means funny... I think... hopefully that doesn't mean she'll be in for a repeat!