Friday, June 22, 2012

Jaden and Mackenna have official occupations

This just in... Jaden and Mackenna were sworn in (if you call being given TWO stickers 'sworn in') as Junior TSA officers at MSP.  Later they received their wings from Alaskan Airlines by the nice pilot on the puddle jumper. The same naive pilot let Mackenna into the he wasn't expecting to take off again... Lesson learned...dont turn her loose in a tiny space with 4000 buttons and switches!  On to a 4hr boat ride up Lake Chelan and then a bus ride up the switchbacks! Holden here we come. Hope they have Mackenna proofed everything. Jaden is a peach this trip!  On a side note, when talking with Grammie yesterday before we left they discussed the movie, The Incredibles and their super powers. Jaden exclaimed he had the power 'to Love'!! If you know Jaden you would know how true those words are!  I think within an hour he professes his love about 10 times. Ha! Usually accompanied by ' yo my bessss fwiend.'

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