Monday, January 14, 2013

Heaven Help Us

Well, the inevitable happened Saturday. Our Houdini ripped a hole in her crib tent during 'nap' and hoisted herself up and over the tent and down to the floor. I never heard a big boom so I assume she never fell. Is she had it would have been about 5ft! What a monkey with some SERIOUS upper body strength!! Gymnastics here we come! The fact that we only gave a private club here and the issue of being a 1st grader to start may set us back but i think we have the next Mary Lou Retton on our hands! Except for the height factor....

She is now in her BGB (big girl bed) as our crib turns into a day bed. Yes she has escaped. Sunday night it was 7 times, tonight only 3!! I am going to make a push, however, for radiant floor heating, however as i got to experience a sleepless last half of the night on her floor. Brrrrrrr. Didn't help that it wad about -5. She was awake trying every measure to escape and play from 4am on but she eventually fell asleep at 6 in time for Jaden to make his lovely pre-dawn 'Maaaaaaaawwwwwwwwmeeeeeeeeeeee' bossy demands.

We bought a cute new big girl bed sheet and comforter set which will go on tomorrow. I whipped up a soft and WARM minky sheet that i honestly would love to steal and put on our bed if it fit!

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