Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Day!

Today was a big day! We had our final post-placement visit with our social worker so that we can start to get all the paperwork filed filed for Mackenna's finalization that will hopefully happen this summer sometime. We also got to meet with our birthmom, Satin and her mom as well as meet up with Mackenna's birth dad's parents, sisters, and grandparents.
Our birthmom, Satin, and Mackenna. She got to hold her a bunch and even change her diaper!Satin, her mom, Lisa, and Mackenna in one of the few pictures today where she smiled. I guess she is all smiled out from the last few days! Lisa fed Mackenna. It was great to catch up with them. We also celebrated Satin's Sweet 16! Happy Birthday!Our birthdad's family got to see Mackenna and meet Jaden for the first time. He had a blast playing at the play place watching the girls play and share french fries. Mackenna got to meet her birth great-grandparents, too! Wendy and the girls read Jaden a new book that they gave him, acting out the whole thing. Little did they know that he would read it ALL the way home. I think he said, "stomp your feet" about a trillion times.All in all it was a great but tiring day. Looking forward to Brett's 2nd Father's day this weekend. It was Father's day weekend of '08, two years ago that we found out that Jaden's birthmom had chosen us to adopt him! Wow, so much can change in 2 years!

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