Wednesday, July 28, 2010

4 hours 43 min and counting....

...til my very first stock of Mud Butt's goes live on Hyena Cart!!! Check out my webpage to see how Iused those awesome pics of Mackenna from her first modeling gig!

I'm not expecting to become a millionaire or anything. It's just a hobby!! Anybody who cloth diapers knows how completely and utterly addicting it is.

In Mackenna news...

She is officially 5 months old now and becoming such a little character! We call her our little velocoraptor (spelling???) because of the high pitched screams she emits when really happy or really tired, or both. She is trying to get up on her knees to crawl. YIKES!!! Guess it's time to actually baby proof, ha? She is super strong. She LOVES being on her tummy and has just become strong enough and long enough to enjoy an exersaucer. She blows raspberries now and is teething full force. No teeth yet or really any sight of them but she's drooling and likes to gnaw on anything in sight.

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