Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Fourth and other stuff

We had a great 4th weekend/week. Lots of fun! Here's a pic from teh 4th of us all in the kiddie pool. Jaden made great strides and actually got in and got wet in his pool. He is no longer completely freaked out by it. Yipppeee!
Mackenna and Olivia in their 4th of July outfits (the bum picture)
Jaden and Mackenna on the 4th in their outfits.

Mackenna and Olivia again in their outfits.

I have been working hard on making diapers the last couple weeks. Now I hopefully won't be having to wash diapers every 36 hours like before. yipppeeee! I will be delivering my first order on Tuesday, too! Yea!
Oops. It's sideways. turn your computer! he he.

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