Monday, November 22, 2010

9 months! and MORE!

Here I go again, ingnoring the blog again. Gahhhh! Sorry folks! We have been busy but what's new?

First of all, we want to wish you a very HAPPY National Adoption Awareness Week!!! YEA! We are excited for Mackenna's upcoming finalization hearing! It will be a great day to legally welcome her into our family.
Mackenna is growing so much each day. Her two front are taking their sweet time but look like they could come through any second. We can't wait for that because her sleep has really been disturbed by it. Not so much the night time sleep, thank God, but the day time sleep. She is eating tons. She likes yogurt, fruits, veggies, puffs, biter biscuits, and her newest fav thanks to Daddy is pomegrante!
She is crawling like crazy, pulling herself up on anything and everything. She can now get herself down, which is great. She started to walk a bit behind her little walker thingy but only goes a couple of steps before dropping to her knees again.
Mackenna has just recently become a bit afraid of strangers and very clingy when we are with other people. I know that is very normal at this point but it is so strange that it just happened overnight!
This blog began as a blog to chronicle Mackenna's adoption journey. In the craziness of life with two, a new 'buisness', adjusting to parenting full time, etc poor little Jaden's website has taken a nose dive into abandoned website cyberspace. So, in an effort to save time and energy and to hopefully not neglect his in adventures in the process we are going to transition this blog into one for both! So, not only will you hear about Mackenna's milestones and fun stories you will get to hear about Jaden's!! woo hoo, it's a two for one deal!
So, Jaden... He is a BIG BOY! Yesterday he went poo poo on the potty!! YEA!! He is far from potty trained but it's a beginning! He loves music, to sing, play his little (fake) 'bi-lin' (violin). He loves to play his recorder, the piano, and drums. We are discovering his God-given music talents, being able to repeat musical phrases, play complicated rythms, match pitches, etc, so some suzuki violin lessons might be in his future! I don't think the local teacher starts til they are 5 but we will see!!
Jaden loves going to the YMCA, playing on the trikes and the 'cube' (the tube slide). He is actually deathly afraid of the 'cube' but he likes to watch other kids slide down. He loves 'doing dishes' at the sink. We have a pair of measuring cups that are squeaky clean. Now we just have to teach him to wash the real dishes.
Meeting Jess for the first time!Jaden is such a big boy!Mackenna loves riding on Daddy's back or shoulders!Showing off the new Minky Mud Butt! Jaden LOOOOOOOOVES to do dishes!!! He makes a really great mess, too!
Miss Mackenna's photo shoot!Megan and Mackenna I love biter biscuits!

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