Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's Finalization Day!!! Woo hoo! Despite the hooooooorrible weather, our hearing went on as scheduled! Unfortunately the roads were too bad for Grammie and Grandpa Formo to make it out. They tried, but had to make a decision to turn around about half way here after seeing a semi jack-knife in front of them. We had a great party afterward with both birthparent families, our family, Bethel church staff members, and our babysitter's family. We were blessed to be able to share this day with all of them as we officially welcomed Mackenna into our family. It will be a day we will remember forever!! Oh, and both kids survived without naps today. Jaden was sleeping by 6pm!Our Birthmom, Satin, her mom, Lisa and our family Plum tuckered out!
Satin, Lisa, and Mackenna
Grandma Pat, Mackenna, and Bryce

Dane, birth grandpa, Brett, and Mackenna
Carrie, Mackenna, and Nana

Tori, our wonderful babysitter, extraordinare, Carrie, and Mackenna

Emily, birth auntie, and Mackenna

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