Friday, March 11, 2011

Spaghetti and Finger Paint!

Quickie post again. Sorry. I'm just so darn tired. Too many late nights making diapers. Too many verses of Boogalu and rounds of Red Light Green Light. What's a mama to do? How 'bout share some great pics with you? ooo. That rhymes!

Alright. First up. Jaden was given finger paint for Christmas. At first I thought our sensitive sam would NEVER dare put a finger in the paint but as you can see, he put more than a finger in! Progress!

This is why I stay up waaaay too late. Besides finger painting, making custom diapers is my creative outlet!

I did promise you spaghetti in the title of this post, so here you go. This isn't by any stretch of the imagination an all out spaghetti fest, you know the ones that first time and second time parents love to document. They get the kid down to their trendy cloth diapers (if you're me) and let em' have at the spaghetti. I guess we just weren't interested in cleaning up the floor tonight. So, here's the tame version.

She washed up pretty darn good, ha? (all thanks to my new Norwex kitchen towel! Thanks Becky!!)

Hey, if you really like reading great blogs check out this one. It's one of my new favs.
til next time!

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  1. I love that second photo! And... Spaghetti... that'll be an interesting experience.

    That's all.