Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two Elephants, Two Funny Kids

Ok, first I just have to say 'down with HP salespeople who tell you that any old video camera these days runs on USB, you don't need a firewire port on your new laptop I am constructing for you' BIG FAT LIAR!!! I finally was able to upload this (if it works) on Brett's PC from the stone age. Gaaaah.

So, let me set the scene...

It's a Thursday in the land of Peterson and Mackenna is MASSIVELY teething. She is getting 3, probably four of her molars and one of her other bottom teeth. This was one of a few happy moments she had today.

The second is Jaden. He is hilarious in the way he pronounces things like 'cookie' which coming out of his mouth sounds like cooooo (as in rhymes with 'blue')kie. He sat down to watch a little Horton Hears a Who and I just had to get it tape. I ask him over and over to say it cause it's just so darn funny. (Even funnier in person)

Here's your laughter medicine for the day.

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  1. love it, love them, love you
    and so my friends too far away,
    I've awarded you an award today
    come and see it on our blog
    and say hello, blog to blog