Friday, May 27, 2011

Mackenna MONKEY Peterson

We officiall have a monkey on our hands. Mackenna is into EVERYTHING and likes to climb EVERYTHING. She is constantly looking for a place with a better view. She's going to be an altitude junky. Not only does she like to crawl up on top of things but also inside of things. Enjoy some pics of her recent adventures. Oh, and she also likes to get messy!
She crawled inside of the bottom of her stroller!
She loves sitting in bins or laundry baskets with her brother.
She uses daddy's or Jaden's shoes to walk on all fours.
She can empty a kleenex box or a wipes case in no time.
A serene moment at the park, safe and sound.
Why settle for a pineapple niblet when you can eat the whole thing?
Climbing evidence.
Earlier this week we awoke to a very giddy Mackenna, laughing at herself (presumably in her crib as usual). When we went in to get her she was laying surfer-style on her changing table. She had climbed out of her crib and shimmied herself on top of her changing table and was trying to open the door to her room. Lovely. Luckily the crib at the lake is deeper and taller than ours in town. I don't think I can handle a 15 month old in a toddler bed. ESCAPE ARTIST!


  1. haha! This post just made me smile! Just like Jada! :0)

  2. I literally said "AH!!!" when I saw her on the leapfrog table!