Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mackenna the Houdini

Mackenna is our houdini! She can get into and out of everything! She most recently likes to get out of all of her clothes and diaper during her naps and nights. You can imagine that this can be a bit of a messy situation. There were many days that I was changing her sheets twice a day. We finally figured out a situation that will work but of course had to wait til it was cool enough to dress her this way. This was the first really cool night. We put her in a sleep sack backwards. This green one I made last winter. I even had to sew up the neck and arms so that she can't wiggle her way out of it. We have had 3 nights and naps now where she has not been able to strip down! Hooray! I give it about a week before she figures out a way to get out of even this.

Daddy and Mackenna love oranges.

Jaden loves his moon dough. His set makes puppies. He likes to make as many as he can.

Uncle Jay-Jay is one of Mackenna's favorite people!

Special thanks to computer guru Trevor who taught me a super duper secret computer thingy so that I can now actually post these from my computer instead of creating it and then having to use my phone to post it (which I can't do now anyway thanks to my current technology crisis which is the demise of my Crackberry) Thank you Trevor.

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  1. Cute photos! M looks so grown up. What the heck? Can't stand our babies growing up so fast on us!