Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pastas and the Theology of a 3yr Old

Before I forget...
Pastas and the Theology of a 3yr old
Actually the first installment came in the car this morning on the way into town
Mama- Jaden, Wendy, Dane, Emily and Aliesha are going to pray for you tomorrow that you day at school goes well. They want God to be with you.
Jaden- Where is God?
Mama- Everywhere. God made you, yada yada yada (boring non-3yr old definition of God)
Jaden- God made birds and animals and Mackenna and God gave us french fries!
Second installment at supper over Pastas (his fav meal)
Jaden- Where is God?
Mama- God is everywhere and God is in your heart.
Jaden- God is in my heart? Why he in my heart?
Mama- because God wants to be there. God loves you.
Jaden- with a little wry giggle putting his hand on his chest, "I squishing God."
Mama- you're funny, Jaden
Jaden- God gave us grapes and apples and Mackenna and sippy cups.

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