Thursday, December 22, 2011

Big girl bed...

Ok so I just have to say this is not a happy woo hoo we have a big girl sort of announcement. If I was in charge our monkey would be in a crib til at least 12 maybe even longer. You know, to get through that hard teenage phase... having a hormone induced episode? No problem. Lift that 110lb 14yr old into her crib for a good old nap.


We. Did . Not. Make. It. That. Far. We didn't even make it to 22months. I shake my fists. Nooooooooooo! Jaden was in a crib until ummmm...... don't laugh. Almost 3.   And..... he still wont get out of bed until I go in to get him. (Don't you dare tell him anything different!)

Anywho. Mackenna, our cute little inquisitive monkey climbed out of her crib 3 times. Yes. THREE! I was unwilling (and still am) to accept the fact that she can't be in there anymore. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah. (That's me crying in the corner)

Unless some miracle happens I have no idea when she will sleep next because in her mind she doesn't belong in a cute little day bed. Never. Sleep? What's that?

Some extra prayers tonight please.

And yes.... I realize I am being a bit over dramatic. Throw me a bone.
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  1. We had to swap my son to a toddler bed when he turned 28 months because lifting a 30 lb toddler up from waay down there was killing my back. Anyways since then he started sleeping on a futon in his room. so maybe have an alternative mattress, blanket on the ground?? Good luck either way!'