Saturday, February 18, 2012

I don't want to get ahead of myself....

....but we hauled out the training pants! Actually to be more accurate I soothed my 'my baby went pee pee in the potty' freak out with a little retail therapy. Well, actually a little 'WHAM (work at home mom)Trade therapy!  Melissa of Taberoobies needed some diapers for her baby on the way and I needed trainers!  Mission accomplished! Aren't these the cutest? So far we are just wearing them around the house and for short errands. We aren't going to push it or stress like we did with Jaden which just prolonged the process. She goes after I change her but so far with the exception of the church nursery doesn't ask to go. She is wet in the morning and after naps so she is really not physically or emotionally ready yet.  Must admit her little bahonka is cuter than cute! So dinky compared to a diaper!

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