Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mackenna got her first official haricut today! We thought we would give the brave instructor and student a run for their money at Ridgwater Salon and Day Spa. I had planned on bringing the booster chair with straps so that she would be immobile but I forgot it so she had to sit like a plain 'ol non-monkey almost 2yr old. I could NOT believe it! She actually sat there for about 5 minutes which was enough time to get most of it done and then Abby, the instructor, went in for the final 'once over'. Once they got her bangs they did have to hold her because she wanted to get out of the seat.
All reay to go
Creepy practice head she thought was a doll. I think it freaked her out after a while because she gave it back with a funny look on her face!
Playing a game on the student's phone kept her busy for about a minute.
Abby cutting while the student held her
A final trim and she was ready to go!
The final cuteness.

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