Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's about TIME!

Pictures first!! Mackenna in her bouncy car
Mackenna can hold her bottle for a little while before she drops it!

Two girly girls. Mackenna is dressed in true Madison style with an eclectic mix of pink and more pink!!

Check me out!

Mackenna and Grammie

I have been sooooo remiss in updating Mackenna's blog. Uffda. Sorry!
Mackenna finally popped her other bottom tooth through last week. It didn't come without a lot of drama, however! Bedtime is a bit interesting when she is teething. Thank goodness she does sleep ok once she finally falls asleep but that can take up to an hour and a half!

Mackenna is such a cute little lady. People constantly comment on how cute she is and how she is soooo smiley, which she is!

She is really grabbing at things and checking things out. My hair is now permanently in a pony tail otherwise I would have no hair left. She loves chewing on things.

Mackenna started to eat solids when she turned 6 months old. We started with rice cereal which she tolerated well. After a couple weeks we moved on to pears but they turned out to make her too gassy. Next we tried sweet potatoes which she really likes. Today we tried peas and she scarfed those down like they were candy! She still doesn't really like us to mix rice and a veggie or fruit. We will wait a bit before we do that.
Mackenna is getting around pretty well. She puts the army guys and gals to shame with her army crawl! When there is something a couple of feet away that she wants she will be there in about 10 seconds!
Big brother Jaden has almost conquered the terrible twos just in time to enter the tragic threes as one of my mama friends has coined the age! Drama, drama, and more drama! Jaden loves his little sister and has fun reading her stories and giving her kisses. As she gets more active and interactive he is having more fun with her.
I am busy with my diaper buisness when I'm not changing dipes, playing with kidlets, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. I have been blessed with a lot of new orders and inqueries which keeps me very busy. Two of the mommy bloggers out there are doing reviews on their blogs and are doing some give aways. I will post links when they are active. If you want to check all things Mud Butt you can check out our Facebook fan page. You don't have to have a Facebook account to view the page. www.facebook.com/mudbuttclothdiapers

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