Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We're finally getting somewhere...

Hey folks, just an update. LSS finally is able to move along with Mackenna's adoption process after waiting for some ICUA stuff to clear, so as of today they have all of the rest of our paperwork. After they assemble it all and submit it to court and our background checks come back again we will be able to schedule our court date. Hooray!

Mackenna, Jaden, and I got to go to our first day of MOPs today. It was fun. We all had a blast even though Mackenna didn't get her nap in. Jaden was super stoked that there was a potty that was his size. He even sat on it. Slowly but surely he will warm up to the idea.

In a bit of news around the Peterson house, Mackenna's face (and diapered bum) is a bit more famous these days! My diaper was just reviewed by a great mommy blogger at http://www.thesmalltownmom.com/ She gave it a great review and there is even a giveaway associated with it, so check it out! In the next couple of weeks http://www.marineparents.blogspot.com/ will be reviewing, too, and again, another giveaway. I am busy during naps and after they go to bed making dipes, having little photo shoots to upload to my Hyena Cart site, and packaging up diapers to send out. It's really busy right now with these two reveiws and a couple of larger orders that came in but I'm hoping to take a breather soon. This Sunday 7 more babes in addition to my two will be donning their Vikings dipes at kick off.

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