Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little Lady and Little Man

Pics first again because I'm lazy.... anybody know how to do this easier on blogger?? Move the pics easier? Insert them exactly where you want em instead of having to manually move them around after they are inserted? any smarties out there that can answert that question??
Mackenna hiding behind a blanket in her stroller. Doesn't she have BEAUTIFUL blue eyes? I think they are her birth grandma's eyes!!!
Jaden loves pouring water over his head! He calls it 'going under water'!
Nana with ALL of her great grandchildren L to R Front to back: Oliver, Bryce, Jaden, Olivia, Mackenna, Eleanor, Meredith, Joshua, Jacob, Madison, Megan, Nana

Mackenna smiles all the time and when she gets really excited she opens her mouth REALLY wide!
Jaden was my quality control this morning as I was finishing up some diapers! He was counting the snaps for me. He does really well up to 20 and then they get kind of hit and miss after that!
I can't believe Mackenna is already 6 months old!! She is really getting to be such a little character. She is content and happy most of the time but when she's not, she's a little drama queen!
Jaden is getting to be such a big boy. His vocabulary is crazy now and he hears and soaks in EVERYTHING!
I hope to be able to do more updating but I am busy busy busy busy with sewing dipes, shipping out orders and doing fun little contests and giveaways.

A couple of mommy bloggers have contacted me about doing some reveiws of my dipes so that's cool! It will be interesting to see what comes of all of this. It's fun for now and a great creative outlet!

If you are a cloth diaperer check out the blog I added to the right. She is doing a giveaway for a One Size FuzziBunz!! woo hoo!!!

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