Sunday, February 21, 2010

A productive couple of days!

It's been a quiet weekend here in Lake Woebegon. I had a lot of time in my sewing room whipping up a cover for the Boppee we got from Patrice and making some diapers.

My pattern I created for dipes for Jaden is a one size pattern but even on the smallest setting they will be too big for baby sister for a while, so I decided to create another smaller pattern. Suffice it to say, Jaden has a great new cloth diaper for his glow worm!! It was a bit on the small side! Thank GOODNESS I made a sample before I cut out all the pieces!!

Little sister is the proud new owner of some newborn dipes except for one of the pink ones.... hmmm.... I wonder who that one could be for....... as long as we're on that subject, Jaden has a new cousin born on Valentines Day, Olivia Joy! We can't make the trip to Lincoln even though we can't wait to meet her, but with our birthmom being so close to delivering we thought it best to stick around home.

We are closer to finally having a name. Brett, being the thorough person he is, had to go through every single name in the 10,000 names book AND online before we were able to talk about our favorties.

Off to one of my last nights of uninteruppted sleep!

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