Sunday, February 7, 2010

The tricky art of when and how to let the cat out of the bag

There are many many ideas about when it's 'ok' to metaphorically 'let the cat out of the bag' . A lot of people wait til they are 12 weeks to go public with their news. It's a little bit more complicated with an adoption. When do you tell people about your adoption plans and not just when, but also who. There are so many parts to the process. Applying, the paperwork phase, waiting, getting 'the phone call', having a match meeting, finding out if it's a match, waiting for the baby, the birth of the baby, placement of the baby, legal risk period, and finalization. With any pregnancy there of course is risk involved, but adoption is a bit more tricky. We chose to wait to go public (with the exception of close family, close personal friends, and staff) until the day we actually drove home with Jaden.

This time is really different. We will have her for the entire legal risk period, so waiting until she's legally ours isn't really an option. So, when do you tell? I guess we are learning as we go! Just this morning I had my team meeting with the wonderful bunch of people who are going to pick up the slack when I'm gone on maternity leave. It's fun and exciting to tell folks yet at the same time, it's scary and I still feel like it's not really happening, like we're making it up or something which is a very weird feeling.

So, is our news public? I dont' know. I guess it is to the person who told the lady at the YMCA Child Watch! When Jaden and I arrived on Friday morning before my workout she asked if we were adopting again. She even knew it was a girl! Go figure.

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