Friday, February 5, 2010

Second Time Around!

We always knew we wanted to give this adoption thing another go but when we entered 'the book' late this fall we didn't imagine we would have a match so soon! Two months and 1 week into our wait we got the call from our social worker that a birthmom wanted to meet with us. We were excited about the possibility of a sibling for Jaden!

6 days after we found out about our birthmom we had our match meeting. We were nervous and excited to meet her and her mom. After a lengthy meeting she came in with one more question for us, that being, "Will you adopt my baby?" We were thrilled. There wasn't a dry eye in the room! Our birthmom is due Feb 27, 2010 with a girl! (or so said the ultrasound tech)

Our birthmom requested that we be in the delivery room with her and be a part of everything leading up to the birth. So far we have been to one dr appointment where we got to hear the heartbeat and I even got to feel her kick! We got to meet the midwives, too.

We also have gotten to spend some time with birthmom and her mom. It has been fun to get to know them. Both birthmom and her mom have great hearts, wanting the best for this little one.

We hope to keep this blog updated so you can be a part of our second adoption journey!


  1. The birthmom definitely made the best choice when she chose your family!!!!

  2. This is all the further I've gotten so far (so the first post) but it gave me goosebumps!