Monday, March 8, 2010

13 days old!

Mackenna is 13 days old today, tomorrow she will be two weeks! The time has flown by! We had a good weekend but are now really starting to feel the lack of sleep night after night. Thank goodness for caffeine! Saturday she got to meet her great grandma, or Nana as we all call her. Mackenna was named with Nana in mind as her maiden name was Mack. We intentionally spelled her name MACKenna because of Nana!

I can't remember the rest of Saturday, it's a blur, thanks to sleep deprivation. I think I made it out to the YMCA that day, though during nap time.

Sunday's highlight was a trip to the grocery store. ALONE! Just me and my grocery cart. I made it through 3/4 of my shopping before my energy plummeted. There I was standing in the coffee aisle. I was so tired that i was unable to locate a decaf bag of coffee. I literally stood there staring at all the bags of beans in a trance for about 5 minutes. I know there's more than one kind of decaf coffee at Cub but that morning that's all I could see. I dont' get the whole exhaustion thing. I'm not even recovering from a birth or a c-section. I suppose running after a 2 year old might do it, though. hmmm.

Anywho, it's Monday, now, a brand new week. Jon, Sarah, and Sawyer Dahl are swinging over this afternoon for a visit after Jaden's nap so we are excited for that. Sorry there won't be decent coffee. We have a great week coming up. Jaden goes back to Grandma Jackie's tomorrow for 3 days of normalcy for him. It means routine for him and a nap each day for me. Hooray!!

Here are some more pics from the last couple days
Alissa and Laura came to visit Mackenna. They brought Jaden a present, too, an awesome marker set and coloring book, his first markers! He LOVES them. Now we just have to teach him to put the caps back on. We also had a big group game of Elefun!

Trying (very unsuccessfully) to be Sarah Hausken. (Photographer EXTRAORDINAIRE!)

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