Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today is the day...

Today at 4:30pm CST is another milestone for Mackenna's adoption process. Today is the final day of our legal risk for our birthmom. Tomorrow is the last day of legal risk for the birthfather. We won't know, however, for 2 weeks to a month, for sure whether or not someone has registered on the birthfather registry. Our agency will receive an affidavit back confirming no one has registered and then our next stage of the process begins, finalization.

Yesterday Mackenna and I celebrated her 1 month birthday by making a road trip to the cities. Grammie and Grandpa watched Mackenna and I went to spend the afternoon with Disa and the babies. It was great. When I got back Mackenna looked like a giant compared to them!

For her one month birthday, she decided to start using her cute pink girly binkies instead of the ugly hospital binky. I know this is completely vain but she really needs to start matching her accessories with her outfits.

On Monday we had great weather so Jaden and Mackenna and I walked over to the park to play for a while. This was Mackenna's first trip to the park!

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