Monday, March 1, 2010

Almost a week old!

It was last week at this time that we got the phone call from our birth mom's mom that her water had broken. I can't believe it's been a week already. In some ways it feels like ages and sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday.

We have had a couple of outings since we all came home. On Saturday she visited Uncle Jason and Auntie Nik's place. She even got a view of their new addition at their house! We grilled steak and hung out. She preferred her formula, however. More steak for us, I guess.

On Sunday she met her church family for the first time. She was quite the celebrity! She was a very good student at her first Sunday School class! Jaden was loved up, too, especially by Tori who patiently sat with him during worship. He was mesmerized by the sacred dancers and the band as usual!

My mom got here today about noon for the next couple of days which is awesome. She even brought some great frozen meals that we can eat in the coming weeks. She babysat for an hour today so I could run to the Y and do a couple errands. It felt wierd to be out all by myself! We've got a house full of babysitters right now with Megan and Madison chillin' after school.

Here are a couple of recent pictures.

Jaden's first time holding Mackenna. He really loves her now! He loves to give her kisses.

Jacob was so sad that he didn't get to hold Mackenna at the hospital. He brought it up all week long, I guess. He is a proud cousin!

Uncle Jason finally got to hold Mackenna last Friday.

More tomorrow... time for bed!

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