Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Supermodel's first photo shoot

Today my good friend, Sarah came to meet Mackenna and have a little fun with the camera. It was fun to catch up and take some great pics! Thanks Sarah! Mackenna christened her first cloth dipe as we were taking pictures, her 2nd best shooter poop yet! It was great. Sarah even captured it on film, (or memory card) but don't worry, I won't post the pic!

After the shoot, our little supermodel enjoyed lunch on the town with her bestie and cousin, Olivia.

Last night we went over to Pat's after an EXCELLENT supper brought by Katie, Edel, and the girlies. We took some pics in their matching candy pink dipes.


  1. Did you sew your own diapers? It's going to be eons before Jenay fits into ours--she is so tiny!

  2. Simply Beautiful . Hey you should sell your diapers at craft shows--I bet people would just buy them up .....