Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mom's here!

Wooo hoo! I just spent a GLORIOUS 2 hours at Caribou Coffee finishing my 2009 Shutterfly book before the carriage turns into a pumpkin at precisely midnight tonight! THANK YOU to mom who sat with Mackenna and Jaden!! Except for a little proof-reading it's done!

Here are some great pics from the last couple of days including a trip to church for staff.

Each staff member held Mackenna for along time, so I actually didn't miss our staff meeting! I didn't have to pay attention, though!!!

Grandma Pat gets some Mackenna time after she got back on Tuesday

Grammie has been having a blast feeding Mackenna while she's been here.

Having a new born can't keep me away from my sewing addiction. On Monday night my mom and I made 8 burp cloths

Megan and Madison came to do homework after school on Monday but Megan didn't have any so she got to hold Mackenna the whole time!

Disa came to visit the day before she moved to her temporary residence at Fairview in the cities before her quads come in March.

Grammie and Grandpa gave Mackenna this cute strawberry outfit.

She donned her first cloth diaper, the one I made that I thought was WAY too small that fits Jaden's glow worm! Who knew!

Katie, Estela, and Amaya came over on Wed afternoon for some hang out time. Everybody was color coordinated. Amaya is even wearing strawberries!


  1. Great pictures Carrie! I look forward to reading your new blogs. Hope things continue to go so well for you guys. I can't wait to get back home to hang out with all the babies!


  2. hey! you with the teeny newborn AND busy toddler. yeah i'm talking to YOU are making me feel so lame! sewing!?!?! hahaha! rolyn just said, babe you have no more excuses. ;)

    LOVE all the pics girl. what a beautiful family!