Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holy NO Sleep Batman!

Well, that was a fluke... Oh well.

Tuesday we traveled back to Hutchinson to meet Mackenna's birthdad's family. What a cool family! They are so great. It's so incredible how much little miss is loved, even by people who haven't yet met her! We got to spend part of the afternoon with Mackenna's birth Grandma, Grandpa, Aunties and our awesome birthparent worker from LSS. It turns out we have a lot in common: liking the outdoors, knitting, our faith, lefse-making... the list goes on!

Here we all are. We also visited Mackenna's birthmom and her mom. It was great to catch up. Mackenna has grown so much since the day we left the hospital. Satin thought she was huge! She is. I weighed her today and unless my scale is wrong she's almost 11 pounds!! She got to feed her and change a moderately nasty diaper. Mackenna behaved very well. Didn't have to put her in a time out once. Satin is doing so well. She looks and feels great and is happy to be back to school with her friends.

Satin and Mackenna
It was Tuesday that Mackenna started to smile, also. It was certainly different from the gassy smiles that she also makes, so I think they were real.
The other thing that ROCKED about Tuesday was that we FINALLY got our stroller that I've been pining away for since I found out about Mackenna. It's a sporty lookin' thing, green tea in color. Perfect for Brett and I since we pretty much keep China afloat with our weekly green tea consumption. I had every intention of putting it together while Mackenna enjoyed her usual afternoon siesta.... read on.
Today was an interesting day. Mackenna decided to try out staying awake all day to see what it's like. Turns out it isn't that great, makes for a lot of crying and frustration... not just for Mackenna! I am hoping she gets back to her normal routine tomorrow. One highlight of the day was our visit with Angela, our adoptive family worker from LSS. She came to do our first post-placement visit. It went well. Now just waiting for the official word back from the birthfather registry. It's on to more paperwork for now... thank goodness the envelope isn't as thick as the one with the application. lots of things to sign in triplicate and notarize, notarize, notarize.

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