Sunday, March 21, 2010

Give a yell, Give a cheer, Let's see who's here. MACKENNA! Yea! Mackenna!

You're never too old or too young to start Sunday School! Technically today was Miss M's 2nd day of Sunday School but the first time she was actually awake for some of it. You know you've made the big leagues when your name makes it into 'Give a yell! Give a cheer! ' She was very good. She left the craft project to her brother and decided to practice her singing (crying) instead. I think Jaden was glad that she took her leave when she did. He wasn't hip on sharing his Sunday School teacher and friends with Mackenna today. He made his opinion loud and clear the minute he got up the steps headed toward the nursery. I looked back and he was in the prone position at the top of the steps with his coat and hat and mittens still on. It was pretty pathetic. It's hard not to laugh. His drama could put a 7th grade girl's to shame. Suffice it to say he earned his part in the jr hi musical a couple years too early. Things started to go better for him when he found out he got to use scissors for the craft project, something that Mackenna couldn't do!

Here are some pictures from today and a couple from yesterday.


Jacob LOVES Mackenna and is constantly asking either to hold or to feed her.

Grandma Deb (Nik's mom) got to meet Mackenna.

TODAY at Sunday School Home on Spring Break, Chayla got to meet Mackenna.

Tori, Chayla and Mackenna

Paul got to hold a REAL baby at Sunday School. No offense, Darnelle.

Mackenna is on the edge of her seat as Kelly (our Sunday School teacher) tells the story.

Jaden, using his scissors. His fishy picture complete with glued-on tin foil hangs proudly on our fridge.

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