Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mackenna's Golden Day!

Ok, I know this is a stretch, but today Mackenna is 23 days old. She was born the 23rd, so that makes this her golden birthday if we are talking days instead of years. I can't believe she will already be a month old next Tuesday!

Little Miss Mackenna is beginning to be a bit more assertive these days, being awake a bit longer and requiring a bit more attention. She is officially in a gassy, fussy stage. I wouldn't go so far to say that she is colicky but it's definitely different than it was even 5 days ago. She is getting into sort of a schedule. Not sure if it is a good one, but a schedule none the less. She is up twice a night, usually at about 1 and 4 to feed and then back to sleep. It's taking a bit longer to get her back to sleep as she is really gassy. She is awake for much of the morning, sort of off and on fussy. She sleeps most of the afternoon and early evening waking up only for feeds about 3 or so hours apart. In the evening til about 11 or midnight she pulls out all the stops and is pretty fussy and gassy. She could give some of her uncles a run for their money in that department. (you know who you are... well, I guess there are only two of you...)

We are hoping this is only a stage, a short one at that. She is filling out in her face a bit and has graduated to size one diapers, mostly because I don't want to buy anymore spendy packs of newborns. I can not WAIT til she fits better into her cloth so that we stop 'sposies for good. Plus they just look too stinkin' cute with their huge cloth diaper butts.

In honor of the Daucsavage Ducklings entering the world on Tuesday, Mackenna sported this cute yellow ducky outfit! She can't wait to meet her new playmates! Don't worry, Addilyn, she'll help you keep all those brothers in line!!

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